AUTOMESS products

Dose Rate Meter – Model 6150 AD5
- for photon radiation (gamma- and X-radiation)
- analog and digital display
- automatic range switching
- non-volatile dose memory,
- individually programmable dose and dose rate alarm thresholds
- indication of relative standard deviation
Analog range: 1 µSv/h - 1000 mSv/h
Digital range: 0.1 µSv/h - 999 mSv/h
Energy range 6150AD5: 45 keV - 3 MeV
Energy range 6150AD5/H, 6150AD5/E: 45 keV - 2.6 MeV

Scintillator Probe 6150 AD-b
- for photon radiation (gamma- and X-radiation), plastic scintillator 3" x 3", power supply from 6150AD, including helical probe cable.
Analog range: 10 nSv/h - 100 µSv/h
Digital range: 1 nSv/h - 99.99 µSv/h
Energy range 6150AD-b: 23 keV - 7 MeV
Energy range 6150AD-b/H, /E: 20 keV - 7 MeV

Contamination Probe – 6150 AD-k
large area counting tube for alpha-, beta- and gamma-radiation, compatible with any Dose Rate Meter 6150AD, power supply from 6150AD. Including fixed probe cable.
Analog range: 0.1 s-1 - approx. 40k s-1
Digital range: 0.01 s-1 - approx. 40k s-1
Teletector Probe 6150 AD-t
- for beta radiation and photon radiation (gamma- and X-radiation)
- Two counting tubes
- auto-ranging between low dose rate and high dose rate counting tube
- Telescope extendible to a length of approx. 4 m
- Power supply from 6150AD.
- Including fixed probe cable.
Analog range: 0.1 µSv/h - 10 Sv/h
Digital range: 0.01 µSv/h - 9.99 Sv/h
Energy ranges:
low dose rate counting tube: 65 keV - 1.3 MeV
high dose rate counting tube: 65 keV - 3 MeV
Gamma Alarm Station 859.1
- for storage of one Dose Rate Meter 6150AD, with particularly well noticeable audible and optical alarm when exceeding the adjustable dose rate alarm threshold.
- Dose rate measurements by 6150AD or probe connected to 6150AD (6150AD not included)
- Suitable for wall mounting
- including lead accumulator
- power supply 87-250VAC / 50 Hz.
Detector:  end window tube LND 7231 or equivalent, not energy compensated, gamma sensitivity at
Cs-137 approximately 5600 pulses per µSv
Range:  0.01 S-1 to 10 kS-1
Indication at natural background:  approx. 0.07 S-1
Calibration factors for some selected radionuclides:
Am-241: 1.3 (Bq/cm2)/S-1
C-14: 2.5 (Bq/cm2)/S-1
Sr-90(/Y-90): 0.3 (Bq/cm2)/S-1
Detection limits for some selected radionuclides:
Am-241: 0.17 Bq/cm2
Co-60: 0.21 Bq/cm2
using the 6150AD’s average value indication further decreases the detection limit
Temperature range (test conditions): -30°C to +50°C (Cs-137 (gamma radiation free in air)
Humidity & pressure: 0 to 95% relative humidity, atmospheric pressure 60 to 130 kPa (600 to 1300 mbar)
Power supply: 4.75 Volt out of Dose Rate Meter 6150AD
Battery life including the 6150AD: approx. 650 hours at low count rates, with the 6150AD’s illumination off, with alkaline battery 6LR61
Probe cable: max. 100 m
Optional accessories:
Holder 817.1.1-10 to operate the probe 6150AD-17 at the handle extension 770.1-60 of the probe 6150AD-k